About Skarta in Sweden

When it comes to professionalism, supply security, assurance of quality and environment, Skarta offers you the same service as large construction companies – but with shorter chains of command and more commitment and care for your wishes and requirements.

We are known for being a reliable construction partner with a unique ability to meet the specific needs of our customers, whether it is a question of large, innovative construction projects, or smaller assignments with short lead times. We put great emphasis on open communication and to provide fast, personal feedback throughout the entire construction process. It is a prerequisite to be able to build strong, long-term customer relations from the beginning. We are a partner with complete control of all stages, from earthworks to final inspection and delivered construction.

Our management system for quality, environment and working environment complies with the requirements in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The management system was certified on 16 June 2020 by Svensk Certifiering Norden AB.



For best possible customer satisfaction, we always strive to deliver the right quality on time. We prepare clear and detailed work schedules and try to create an attitude where everyone whom the schedules concern, also respect them. The schedule is created already when the calculations are made to ensure the quality of the ? plan throughout the procedure until approved final inspection, which must be made no later than at the agreed finalisation date. We work to reduce waste through all sources from suppliers to the final end product, where we also take into account the customer’s business in the schedule.

We strive for “just-in-time” to minimise storage areas and to avoid operation interruptions while building as effectively as possible. It is a win-win situation for all parties. Therefore, each link in the chain is important to us, and reliable suppliers of materials are important in both large and small projects. To us, there are no impossible projects. And our customers know that. They also trust us when the assignments are a little more complex. They know that we fix such jobs and ensure delivery according to best quality irrespective of the basis. After each finished project, we go through project feedback to constantly improve.

We focus on attitudes and conduct, clear roles and responsibilities, systematic working environment work and a thorough working environment policy. The aim is that no employee should be injured at our construction  sites due to security failures. We work with member companies for a zero accidents target. At the construction site, we perform risk assessments, both for the risks that may impact both our own employees and those of others, and the risks that only affect our own staff.