Our policy

Quality policy:

We work for long-term customer relations and should be considered a serious company that delivers consistent and high quality in all phases in all projects.

Our conduct is professional, and we ensure that we have the skills required for the assignment and follow applicable laws and industry requirements.

We commit ourselves to obtain targets made and deliver the right quality in time and follow up on work performed. All employees take on responsibilities to each other and the assignments.

We follow up, on an annual basis, that our management system is properly documented, functions in practice and meets our requirements and targets for the purpose of constantly improving our work.

Our customers are important to us, internal as well as external ones, and therefore we always strive for maximum customer satisfaction.

Environmental policy:

We must take into account the environment at and around our working places and continually promote a reduced environmental impact. We carry out environmental risk analysis with action planning and adjust our environmental plans based on the environmental requirements that our customers and clients have.

Through a good selection of suppliers and good planning, we work to minimise our transport emissions and use materials in a resource smart manner as possible. We work for increased recycling/reuse of the waste that emerges and sort at the source.

We comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules that influence our activities and follow up that all employees possess adequate environmental skills.

We follow up on our environmental work and our environmental management system on an annual basis and develop them through constant improvements.

Working environment policy:

The target of the work related to working environment is that nobody working with us should be affected by bad health or be injured because of the work. We must promote good safety culture and always put safety first in our working places.

We perform systematic working environment work according to the current working environment laws and in consultation with employees. We work in a preventive and long-term method and examine and risk assess our working environment to be able to adopt the measures needed.

We strive for constant improvement of our working environment, and ensure the proper documentation and functionality of our management system on an annual basis.

We have an open and liberal working climate and respect that we are different persons. We have a common responsibility for creating a good working climate.