We handle all commitments regarding large assignments: Skarta is a qualified construction company that performs conventional earthworks and infrastructure building such as the construction of streets and roads and high-quality foundations. We also perform complex construction projects such as piling and jointing. With our network of skilled suppliers, we undertake full responsibility from design to completion.

Construction of roads and streets: We know how important properly constructed roads are. Regardless of whether the roads are paved or not, roads built on a strong foundation are better able to withstand heavy traffic and seasonal weather changes, and stay usable for longer. They are also both safer and more comfortable to drive on.

 Foundations: All construction work needs stable foundations. Without correct foundations, there is a risk that the building will ‘settle’, meaning that it partially sinks and ends up crooked, with cracks forming, and damage to the floor, walls and roof. Skarta uses state-of-the-art foundation methods that save time without compromising on quality or execution.

To assess what foundation type is most suitable, we examine the ground characteristics and take into account the loading of the building on the foundation. If the ground consists of loose or semi-solid clay, we often choose deep foundation. It does not automatically mean that it is better to lay the foundations on bedrock. Rock also presents its own challenges in terms of piles and water drainage. The key thing is to get the right advice for your foundation, so that your building can stand firmly and stably for many decades to come.

Building relocations: We are highly experienced in building relocations and have great expertise in the area. In a historic move, the city of Kiruna is currently being relocated due to the mining company LKAB’s underground mine spreading beneath the city and the ground above it is giving way. The new city centre is being built approximately three kilometres from the current location. While some of the existing buildings will be demolished and replaced by new ones, others will be moved to a new location.

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