Industrial construction

We know what is required to build modern industrial constructions for various enterprises and purposes. We adjust our production to the activities of the customer to minimise disturbances and cause as little impact as possible to their day-to-day operations. We strive for “just-in-time” to minimise storage space, avoid operation interruptions while we at the same time build as effectively as possible. It is a win-win situation for all parties.

Firm foundations are crucial for the entire construction and lifetime of the building. Skarta specialises in construction work and builds everything from industrial buildings, commercial property, premises, arenas and farming construction work to bridges. Working with concrete requires experience and skills. Skarta is among the few medium-sized Swedish companies that can handle very complex concrete work.

Sliding form casting for long structures: One of our specialties is to build structures by means of sliding form casting. Here, a steel mould is transferred in an even, continuous process while it is continuously filled with reinforcements and concrete. The method is flow efficient when casting long concrete structures in comparison with the conventional form technologies. To obtain seamless concrete constructions, the work is often performed non-stop from the start of the casting until the structure has been cast in its entirety. The moulds are driven by hydraulic jacks that operate the sliding form, and at the same time the tempering of the concrete is continuously checked to have optimum control of the casting velocity.

Steel foundations for industrial buildings: An assembly manager from Skarta and a skilled, certified installation team install your hall and ensure the quality of every detail. As our installation teams are specialists in steel foundations, you can rest assured that the work is performed as quickly and correctly as possible.

Roofs and walls for industrial buildings: Skarta continuously works with the development and optimisation of processes and technologies. We have developed a technology for installing elements which, compared to conventional methods, take up less space on the land, are more resource-efficient and provide a safer working environment.

Company culture: We are driven by challenges and focus on creating a more efficient flow in our building projects – from calculations to approved final inspection irrespective of the geography and complexity of the building project. We undertake building projects in the form of both the contracts for the performance and turn-key contracts. Irrespective of the form of contract and project, we always put emphasis on a sound working environment and safety. We work with continuous improvements, and our target is to always be a little better today than we were yesterday.

We always work towards clear sub-targets and deadlines: As a customer, you should be able to expect an affordable and functional building delivered on time, without accidents and interruptions.  We strive to always finalise our projects no later than agreed, if not before.

A reliable construction process: With Skarta you will get a partner with full control of all work stages, from earthworks to final inspections and handed-over constructions. We are here for those with extensive experience in construction projects as well as for those who have never built before. Skarta’s staff is used to working as the main contractor with its own sub-contractors as well as cooperating with other contractors, no matter how your industrial building should appear and function. Convenient and without worries on your part. Skarta’s construction process is very much an industrialised process. We also work continuously in increasing the flow efficiency from contract to approved final inspection, which means a shorter construction time and reduced costs. In our day-to-day work we attempt to reduce variations and increase the standardisation of processes and performance in order to create more value for you as our customer.

ISO certified management system: Skarta’s management system for quality, environment and working environment has been scrutinised and certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by Svensk Certifiering Norden AB. The management system forms the basis of our activities, it gives us a structured and systematic way of working and helps us continuously to improve and develop our company.

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